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Established in 1985, Christos Christou Architecture Studio stands as a distinguished practice in Cyprus, with our headquarters based in the vibrant city of Larnaca. For over 38 years, we have remained unwavering in our commitment to architectural and engineering excellence, earning us recognition as an award-winning architectural and engineering firm.

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Comprehensive Architectural and Engineering Solutions

Architectural Design

Elevate your project with a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. Our architects, guided by creativity, craft spaces that captivate and inspire.

Interior Design

Transform your space with our Interior Design service. From modern elegance to timeless classics, we craft personalized interiors that resonate with your vision. Welcome home to a uniquely tailored living experience.

3D Visualization

Witness your ideas come to life. Through immersive 3D visualization services, we transform concepts into reality, offering a clear and captivating preview before construction begins.

Civil Engineering

Build on strength. Our civil engineers focus on the structural integrity of your project, guaranteeing it stands the test of time with resilience and excellence.

Feasibility Study

Make informed decisions with precision. We conduct thorough feasibility studies, assessing your project's viability with consideration for budget, resources, and regulatory requirements.


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Discover what our clients are saying about their experiences. Our testimonials reflect the satisfaction and success of those we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Hear firsthand about the quality of our service and the impact of our projects.

As a first-time homebuilder, I found comfort and confidence in their guidance. The end result is a beautiful home that exceeds all expectations.

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Nikos Christodoulou, Homeowner

Christos Christou Architecture Studio transformed our vision into reality with exceptional skill and creativity. Highly recommended for any ambitious project!

female avatar
Elena Savvides, Business Owner

Very hard working and professional team who approach a project like it's their own. Got my planning permission obtained promptly for a commercial project. Highly recommended.

man avatar
Dimitris Savva

Our home's like a dream thanks to these architects. Seriously, they turned our wish list into reality. Big fan!

female avatar
Loukia Constantinou

Shoutout to the design wizards who made our place a cozy haven. It's not just a house, it's a vibe they nailed perfectly

man avatar
George Antoniou

Picked these architects and got more than a home - got a masterpiece. Everyday living feels like a luxury.

female avatar
Antonia Nicolaou

Living here is like being in a cool design mag. Kudos to the team for making our place Insta-worthy!

female avatar
Georgia Panagi

Our house is the envy of the neighborhood, all thanks to these architects. They just get it, you know?

female avatar
Kyriaki Hadjithekli

Our architects turned our chaos into a stylish haven. It's like they read our minds and made it better.

man avatar
Andreas Pavlou

Every time we step in, it's like falling in love with our home again. Seriously, the design game is strong here!

man avatar
Alex Kallis

Can't thank these architects enough. They made the whole process feel like a breeze. Love where we live!

female avatar
Constantina Psara

Professional, innovative, and attentive to detail – this team made our corporate office design a seamless and successful venture.

man avatar
Dimitris Papadopoulos, CEO, TechForward

For a sustainable and uniquely designed boutique hotel, Christos Christou Architecture Studio was the perfect choice. Their work speaks for itself!

man avatar
Stavros Nikolaou, Hotelier Designation

Their expertise in blending modern design with historical preservation is simply outstanding. Our renovated family home is a true testament to their talent.

female avatar
Maria Ioannou, Homeowner

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